The Guide to Revolutionary Forgiveness


By: Wright, Eric

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ISBN: 0852345259

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Living lives that reflect revolutionary forgiveness is the greatest gift we could give our society. Such a lifestyle can make the greatest difference to the greatest number of lives.

Although being a forgiving person fills a life with sunshine and promotes relational harmony, multitudes live lives of bitterness, alienation, and conflict. Marriages end in acrimony. Nations find it impossible to live at peace.

In “Revolutionary Forgiveness” Eric Wright examines the whole subject of forgiveness using abundant illustrations and quotations from helpful sources. He includes what forgiveness is and is not; who should take the first step in seeking reconciliation; finding healing for emotions damaged by unforgiveness, the place of restitution; the sources of relational alienation and much more.

Wright challenges us to embrace a lifestyle of forgiveness by following the model forgiver, Jesus Christ who outlined the attitudes we should adopt in His famous beatitudes.





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