Through the Waters of Baptism


By: Smyth, PJ


ISBN: 9781916369122

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Bursting out of the watery “grave” of baptism should be one of life’s most memorable moments. In this book, PJ inspires fresh significance to the remarkable visual drama of baptism. Concisely explaining what the Bible teaches, as well as talking through practicalities, this book will help:

-Pastors prepare people for baptism.
-Churches maximize the effectiveness and celebration of baptism.
-Candidates (and their friends and families) prepare for baptism.

“Clear, concise and compelling! PJ presents a compact case for ‘believers only’ baptism, making this book is a fantastic tool to sharpen your own thoughts on the subject, and help new believers prepare for this glorious moment.” – Greg Heasley, Lead Pastor of Covenant Grace Church, South Africa

“As the Western world continues to move away from Christendom and toward a post-Christian future, churches desperately need to recapture the counter-cultural beauty of baptism. Infinitely more than walking an aisle or praying a prescribed prayer, the biblical practice of baptism displays the costly grace of the gospel. This resource will help churches, leaders, and new Christians explore the power of being both buried and raised with Christ in the waters of baptism.” – Josh Kouri, Senior Pastor of Frontline Church, Oklahoma City, USA

“What could be more wonderful than baptism! In this very practical guide PJ Smyth shows us the ‘why’s’ and ‘how’s’ of baptism. For those considering baptism, or those helping others towards baptism this will be indispensable.” – Matt Hosier, Leader of Gateway Church, UK

“This is a terrific resource for anyone considering baptism! PJ addresses key questions and concerns, and presents a strong theological case in a way that is easy for anyone to understand. It’s a resource our church will be eager to use.” – Bryan Mowrey, Leader of the Confluence Movement of Churches

PJ has been helping people get baptized for many years. He has started and led churches in Zimbabwe, South Africa and the USA, and leads the Advance Movement of churches. He lives in the greater Washington D.C. area with his wife Ashleigh, and three sons.