Great Beginnings: Your First Small Group Study [eBook]


By: Howerton, Rick

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ISBN: 9781430030683

The first question that new small groups ask is, “Where do we begin?”, and this Great Beginnings study is the answer. These six interactive sessions are fun, easy, and perfect for developing a sense of connection within your group. As you get to know one another and share your stories, you’ll also grasp the key ingredients for creating a great community.

  • Gain an understanding of life in Christian Community
  • Uncover the uniqueness of each individual with the Resources Profile
  • Increase the effectiveness of service within the group using the Spiritual Gifts Assessment
  • Deepen relationships and engage your God-given passions by mapping your personal stories
  • Jump-start the process of sharing real life together
  • Unleash the power of commitment





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