The Ways of God (Workbook)


By: Blackaby & Edgemon



ISBN: 0633004529

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God’s ways are different from our ways! You can start in Genesis and go all the way through Revelation, and you will find that whenever God moves, it is not like anything you or I would have chosen. And yet, time and again, God chooses to work through His people to accomplish His purposes. If God’s people desire to be on mission with Him to accomplish His purposes, they must understand His nature and His ways. This 6 session, small group study will give you a handle on the greatness of God and direction for living a godly life. It presents clear statements about the relationship between the ways of God and the nature of God and the impact this understanding will have on your life. Leader helps are provided in the back of the book. Subjects on the ways of God that are covered are that they are: supreme, love, sovereign, holy, true, and eternal.





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