God at Work (Costa)


By: Costa, Ken

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ISBN: 9781905887019

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As an investment banker in the City of London, Ken Costa has read The Financial Times and The Bible almost every day for thirty years. But there is a widespread view that God and business just do not mix. The competitive, cut throat demands of the marketplace are seen as the obvious enemy of Christian compassion and love.

To Ken Costa, the God who created and sustains the world is also the God of the workplace. If the Christian faith is not relevant to the work place it is not relevant at all.

Without a value based architecture, the market economy is weak at its foundations. To be a Christian in the world today is therefore not comfortable. We will be left challenged and uneasy as we are constantly prodded by the Holy Spirit to question the ways in which the market economy serves the Christian objectives of justice and fairness. Our task is distinctive as we live our lives as witnesses of the Judaeo Christian values which undergird so much of the market economy.

Such sentiments will surprise many people. But this book is packed with surprises. It is also packed with real-life case studies of ethical dilemmas in business which bring the author`s arguments forcefully to life.

This book will satisfy a deep seated gap in the literature of business practice. It will appeal to Christians of all denominations but will go beyond that to compel the interest of anyone who takes the Bible seriously, even if they rarely go to Church.