Real Lives [eBook]


By: Carswell, DJ

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ISBN: 9781906173500

This book holds the life stories of twelve very different people who have all come to the same conclusion.In Real Lives you will meet, among others- a famous footballer – a sophisticated lady from South Africa – an Olympic athlete – a backpacker exploring the States – a Brahmin from India – a young, abused girl – the greatest man in history who was a child refugee – and the author’s own story of a changed life.Contents include:THE THIEF – Barry DavisTHE HOLY MAN – Bhaskar RaoTHE DOCTOR – Sally VennTHE MEDIC – Liz McFarlaneTHE FOOTBALLER – Hans SegersTHE GAMBLER – John SearleTHE BUSINESSMAN – Bill CapperTHE BRIDGE PLAYER – Jane ScalesTHE ATHLETE – Barrington WilliamsTHE TRAVELLER – Steve BunnTHE ALCOHOLIC – Mike MellorTHE ABUSED – Marie JoyTHE AUTHOR – Dorothy CarswellTHE SAVIOUR – Jesus ChristThis book has sold over 100,000 copies. If you are interested in mass distribution of this title (over 500) please contact the office for further discounted rates.