Future Proof


By: MacAlpine, Stephen

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ISBN: 9781784989422

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How to Live for Jesus in a Culture That Keeps on Changing 

How the gospel equips Christians to live confidently for Christ in an increasingly secular society, facing the challenges of the future with confidence.

We are living in a time of rapid cultural change, when Christian views are often seen as outdated and even dangerous.  This can leave us feeling anxious about how to live out what we believe and uncertain about the future of the church.

Steve McAlpine’s first book, Being the Bad Guys, sought to explain how our culture ended up so far away from biblical Christianity and how to reach out with the gospel wisely.  In this book, he explores where things are heading and what we can do about that now, both as individuals and as a church.

Steve examines secular narratives about purpose and authenticity, connectedness and progress, and compares them to the promises made by the Bible.  He shows that the Bible offers a more satisfying, more realistic, and more hopeful vision of the future.

He also examines the things that cause many Christians and non-Christians to be anxious about the future: technological change, political polarization, clashes over climate, and culture wars around gender and identity.  He reminds readers that God is in control and helps them to think through how they can live wholeheartedly for Christ, facing the challenges of the future with confidence and leading the way in terms of citizenship, stewardship, and community.

Stephen McAlpine is the Director for Cultural Engagement at City to City Australia. A former pastor, he now writes and speaks on theology, church, and culture.