Being the Bad Guys


By: McAlpine, Stephen



ISBN: 9781784985981

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How to Live for Jesus in a World That Says You Shouldn’t

The Church used to be recognised as a force for good, but this is changing rapidly.   Christians are now often seen as the bad guys, losing both respect and influence.

In our post-Christian culture, how do we offer the Gospel to those around us who view it as not only wrong but possibly dangerous?   And how do we ensure that the secular worldview does not entice us away with its constant barrage, online and elsewhere, of messages about self-determinism?

Author Stephen McAlpine offers an analysis of how our culture ended up this way and explains key points of tension between biblical Christianity and secular culture.

He encourages Christians not to be ashamed of the Gospel as it is more liberating, fulfilling, and joyful than anything the world has to offer.  He also offers strategies for coping in this world, with its opposing values, and for reaching out to others wisely with the truth.

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Winner of the 2021 SparkLit Australian Christian Book of the Year Award.

Stephen McAlpine is an author, blogger and pastor.  He also works with City Bible Forum, a network which trains and mentors Christian city workers across Australia, and he is part of an outreach initiative called Third Space.