Faithful Exiles


By: Mesa & Clark ed.

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ISBN: 9781956593099

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Finding Hope in a Hostile World

How do we live by faith when we’re far from home?

Our world is rapidly changing.  In the West, Christians increasingly are strangers in a strange land.  Biblical values are maligned.  Christian ethics are called hateful.  How should the church respond?  Is now the time for cultural isolation, political aggression, or something else?  What are the options for heaven’s exiles living in an earthly Babylon?

More than a simple fight-or-flight response, the authors of Faithful Exiles offer us hope when we’re far from home.  Gleaning courage and insight from biblical characters in both the Old and New Testaments, they consider how God’s people through the ages have been faithful in the face of hostility.  Their stories inform our worship and preaching but also how we pursue vocation and engage in politics.  They show how those with hope beyond this world can be faithful in it.