Turning Hearts Toward Home


By: Zettersten, Rolf



ISBN: 9781589970021

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A Look Into the Life of America’s Family Advocate

Dr. James Dobson: The life that shaped him; the principles that drive him and the love that keeps him going.

In the ’60s he told a permissive society to discipline their kids.  In the ’70s, when couples opted for open marriage, he crusaded for traditional family values.  In the ’80s he did battle for those who couldn’t – the abused wife, the single parent, the victims of pornography.  And through it all, he reached out to those across the nation whose hearts were hurting.  But what of the man behind the public face?  What makes him tick?  What inner resources enable him to withstand the critics and respond with compassion to hurting people?

In this heart-touching book, longtime colleague Rolf Zettersten reveals with warmth and a unique perspective the inside story of a best-selling author and popular radio speaker whose advice is sought by U.S. Presidents and whose teaching has made an influential difference in the lives of millions.  It’s an up-close, revealing portrait of the man who calls America home.