Revival Man (Jock Troup Story)


By: Mitchell, George



ISBN: 1857927281

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Jock Troup’s story is quite simply extraordinary. From a childhood in the Far north of Scotland he went to work in the fishing industry and then on to service in the First World War. When the major turning point in Jock’s life arrived – his conversion.

Jock went on to become an Evangelist, but no ordinary Evangelist. To quote a neighbour’he had huge hands. He could pick up a fully inflated football easily with one hand. He had sixteen-inch biceps, un-expanded, and a neck like a prize bull’, and to match this formidable physical presence he had a fire for reaching the lost with the Gospel.

George Mitchell gives fascinating insights into the lives of the fisher folk on the East coast of Scotland, and Glasgow life in Jock Troup’s time. He includes testimonies of those influenced through Jock Troup and looks at the ingredients of revival, providing a useful lesson to the Church today.





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