Devotions for Sacred Parenting [HC]


By: Thomas, Gary

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ISBN: 9780310090694

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Raising children is a sacred calling – and not for the faint of heart.  It shapes the parent every bit as much as parents shape their children.

Many books have been written about how to parent your children effectively, how to become a better parent, and how effective parenting produces better kids.  Devotions for Sacred Parenting explores an entirely different reality: how parenting transforms you, the parent.  It explores the spiritual dynamics of parenting and why caring for your children is such an effective discipline in shaping your soul and forming the character of Christ within you.

With all new material, 52 devotions explore the spiritual dynamics of parenting.  These life-related devotions are creative, fresh, and encouraging, inspiring mothers and fathers to look at parenting from a different perspective – as a holy and high calling from God, and as an opportunity to grow spiritually as you strive to raise godly children. Devotions for Sacred Parenting helps you understand how God is parenting you as you parent your children.