Singled Out


By: Colon & Field


ISBN: 9781587432378

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Christianity Today 2010 Book Award Winner

“Colon and Field call us to challenge assumptions that one needs to be married to be a happy, well-adjusted contributor to society. I recommend it to anyone (married or not) wanting to take singleness and celibacy seriously.”–Lisa Graham McMinn, George Fox University

Authors Christine Colon and Bonnie Field thought that by a certain age they would each be married. But they watched that age come and go–and still no walk down the aisle.

In Singled Out, Colon and Field reflect on their experience–and that of an increasing number of Christians–as they try to reconcile God’s plan for their lives with the messages they receive about singleness from the world around them. From the secular world and the evangelical church, they are bombarded with negative images of celibacy. Here, Colon and Field explore a deeper understanding of celibacy that affirms singles’ decisions to be sexually pure, acknowledges their struggles, and recognizes their importance in the church community.

Thoughtful and compelling, Singled Out combines references to popular culture, theology, history, literature, and anecdotes from the authors’ lives. It is an invaluable voice of realistic encouragement for any single as well as an important tool for church leaders and others concerned with mission and ministry for singles.





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