Communicating Christ Cross-Culturally


By: Hesselgrave, David



ISBN: 0310368111

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This revised edition of Dr. David Hesselgrave’s great work Communicating Christ Cross-Culturally updates the original edition and interacts with the most recent literature on this increasingly important topic.  The original edition went through fifteen printings and, very deservedly, has come to be one of the most widely used textbooks on Christian cross-cultural communications.  The revisions in this new edition are extensive and carry on the high level of discussion maintained throughout the original edition, taking into account, for example, the current discussion on the relationship between form and function and the enormous body of literature that has sprung up recently on contextualization.

To enhance the volume’s usefulness for students, Dr. Hesselgrave has added an extensive bibliography of twenty-five pages on various aspects of cross-cultural communications.  This revision of Communicating Christ Cross-Culturally is superb.  It raises a great book into a unique category, undoubtedly the finest book on this topic available today.





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