Brave (Workbook)


By: Thomas, Angela


ISBN: 9781415869567

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Honest Questions Women Ask

Brave Member Book by Angela Thomas is based on her trade book Do You Know Who I Am?   This 7 session Bible study for women looks at the heart of what women are thinking and feeling.  Angela speaks to participants about deep feelings that all women have at one time or another.  She looks boldly at some of the fears and struggles of being a woman, and she helps us see how we can be brave in the face of those challenges.

It takes a brave woman to ask these questions and dig into these topics alongside other believers.  We’ve all got insecurities, flaws, and struggles that we re afraid to address.  But if we can be brave enough to raise the questions, God will answer us.  You’ve got questions. God’s got answers.  Be brave.  Ask.

  • Why can’t I get it together?
  • Am I as invisible as I feel?
  • What am I so afraid of?

Unlike many current Bible studies in the marketplace, in this study, each week does not necessarily build on the next.  Therefore, the leader may choose the topic that most relates to the group at that particular time.  This approach lends itself to a great fill-in Bible study in women’s Sunday school, connect groups, and small group gatherings.






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