Body Beautiful


By: Tinker & Buttery



ISBN: 1850784655

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Recovering the Biblical View of the Church

What this book seeks to do is recapture in a popular and readily accessible manner the vibrant vision that the Bible offers of what the Church is and can be.

In the minds of many the word ‘Church’ conjures up lots of different images – a building, a denomination, a cozy club out of touch with the real world.  Many of the stereotypes are deserved.  Wrong thinking gives rise to wrong practice.

This book goes back to the Bible to see what it says the Church is.  Using key passages from the New Testament, Melvin Tinker and Nathan Buttery takes us within the gates of the biblical picture of the Church, the Body Beautiful.  For the Church is to function in every way as a body: at unity in the Gospel.

Body Beautiful will challenge many of our present ideas about the Church.  It will provoke, encourage and excite as we recover the biblical vision of the Church and its mission in the 21st century.





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