Have the Funeral (Workbook)


By: MacDonald, James



ISBN: 9781415869888

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Have the Funeral – Study Guide by James MacDonald is the fourth release in the popular Platform Series, which is comprised of thought-provoking LifeWay Bible studies that feature compelling video sermons from the platforms of some of today’s most influential pastors. This study explores the process of forgiveness ― from the biblical definition all the way to the official burial of our unforgiveness and life thereafter. Author and pastor James MacDonald defines forgiveness as “the decision to release a person from the obligation that resulted from injury.” From the pulpit he explores the nuances of forgiveness, common rationalizations of unforgiveness, and the fallout of failing or refusing to forgive. He not only shows how to make forgiveness final but also how to live a God-honoring life of integrity in the spirit of forgiveness. MacDonald’s no-nonsense approach to the topic is ideal, combining practical application with timeless truths from Scripture. (6 sessions)

Study Guide includes:

  • Discussion questions
  • Warm Up section to get each of the group members talking and engaged
  • Video Setup section, which provides both the context for the video segment and a lens for how to view the video for the upcoming questions
  • Viewer Guide, which provides application of the video segment
  • Biblical Background section to help integrate how the biblical passages used in the session apply to the subject
  • Journaling page that provides a question to ponder between group meetings and helps connect the topic with God and with your heart
  • You’re Up page, which offers suggestions to apply biblical principles that were learned into everyday life


  • Solid, relevant biblical content and teaching from a trusted pastor and speaker
  • Contains supplemental content and a journaling feature that allows group members to engage with the content independent of their small group




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