Beyond Integrity [HC]


By: Rae & Wong

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ISBN: 9780310291107

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Beyond Integrity is neither excessively theoretical nor simplistic and dogmatic. Rather, it offers a balanced and pragmatic approach to a number of concrete ethical issues. Readings from a wide range of sources present competing perspectives on each issue, and real-life case studies further help the reader grapple with ethical dilemmas. The authors conclude each chapter with their own distinctly Christian commentary on the topic covered. This third edition has been revised to provide the most up-to-date introduction to the issues Christians face in today?s constantly changing business culture. Revisions include: ? 30 new case studies ? Numerous new readings ? 50% substantially revised ? Sidebars reflecting issues in the news and business press ? Summaries and material for discussion With the goal of helping readers arrive at their own conclusions, this book provides a decision-making model. Beyond Integrity equips men and women to develop a biblically-based approach to the ethical challenges of twenty-first century business.