Book Review: God’s Outrageous Claims

Author:  Lee Strobel

God’s-Outrageous-Claims (1)Did you know that:-

  • God’s views on Sex can liberate you?
  • A dose of doubt can strengthen your faith?
  • God has a cure for your loneliness?
  • You can learn to forgive yourself?
  • You can survive the Rat Race without becoming a rat?
  • You can make an eternal difference?

Discover how to grow in virtue, relate to God and others with authenticity and make a real difference in the midst of a culture that’s unraveling at the seams.

God’s astounding claims about Himself and His work on our behalf are embedded throughout the pages of Scripture. He sees potential in us that we don’t see in our wildest dreams. He sees qualities that we don’t think we can ever achieve. He has faith in us that we lack in ourselves. But when we know and fully understand what He has promised, we are liberated to grow in virtue, live out our faith as an adventure, earn a living with integrity, and make a difference in our culture – all through his power.

Using true stories, including his own, Strobel shows that Christianity really works, that we really can live transformed, authentic, and effective lives – and that God’s promises and power are very real and very true.  This book is your guide to an exciting and challenging spiritual journey that can change you and your world profoundly

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