Book Review: William Grimshaw of Hawarth

Author: Faith Cook

William Grimshaw of Haworth (PB)Faith Cook has drawn on unpublished and little-known sources to produce this comprehensive new biography of the man of whom John Wesley said, ‘A few such as him would make a nation tremble. He carries fire wherever he goes’.

For 20 years in the mid-eighteenth century, a scarcely-know village on the Yorkshire Moors became one of the strongest centres of Christian influence in England.  George Whitefield and John Wesley were often drawn there, along with many others.  The Explanation lay in the life and ministry of William Grimshaw, curate of Haworth from 1742 until his death in 1763.

Under Grimshaw’s ministry the church’s empty pews filled and non-attenders were startled to hear “If you will not come to church, you shall hear me at home”.  Revival followed, and persecution too.  Triumphant love was Grimshaw’s supreme motivation in everything he said and did, across borders and denominations.  He declared “I love Christians, true Christians of all parties.  I do love them, I will love them, and none shall make me do otherwise”.

John MacArthur, of Grace to You ministries, writes: ‘Grimshaw’s unflagging energy and vigorous defence of the faith was matched by a charitable spirit that was a model of true Christlikeness . . . a surprising measure of what he said and wrote is germane to the times in which we live. This is a welcome addition to the rich treasure trove already available from the Banner of Truth. It is also a classic example of what a good biography ought to be.’

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