Winter is approaching







By Trevor Bradley

Winter is approaching.  Time for soup and Ciabatta bread, and maybe a log fire with coffee and rusks?  Time also for the ” flu” to raise its head.  Time for flu-shots which boosts and aids our  immune systems.

We also have ” SPIRITUAL IMMUNE SYSTEMS”(S.I.S.), and these need to be boasted daily – for the devil will surely send his “viruses”  to attack us.   The two injections needed daily are “time in His presence” (prayer) and “time in His word”.  The devil will do anything to keep us from that.  If he can keep us from having our ” injections”, he knows it will start to diminish our faith and that doubts will arise.  Our ” immune” systems will be depleted and very soon we will be sick, lethargic and not able to function properly which will render us as no threat to him and his earthly schemes.

I have been challenged anew by people who have done great things for God in their lives through the power of prayer and the power of God’s word (believing GOD’s promises).  The two men in particular are George Muller and Angus Buchan.  Reading of their lifestyles, I get to hear that they will not start a day without coming to the throne with His word in hand, and there laying hold of God and His promises( 4am each morning you will find Angus in his chapel there raging war).

Our little grandson got to hear of the of late and asked me if I had heard about it.  I obviously had, but wanted to know what he had heard.  He told me it was about a woman “who prays in a cupboard to Jesus, wins the war against the devil”.  Now that’s breakthrough prayer.  Then came the challenge : ” Pappi, do you have a war room??”  Oh to be like Jacob who screamed “I will not let you go until You bless me”.

Jeremiah 33 vs 3 says “Call unto me and I will answer you, and show great and might things, which you don’t yet know”  That’s the promise that I need to lay hold of daily. Romans 10 vs 17 which says that i must allow the word of GOD to saturate my heart, my mind, my spirit, and thus my faith is built up.  If I do this, I need never fear the ” winters”, and I will know that my S.I.S. will withstand the attacks of the evil one.  I will remain in “good health”.  Through my war room I will get to know the great and mighty things  that God wants to do in Jesus name, and experience a breakthrough in my life, and in the lives of others I am interceding for.

Can I ask as we enter winter, how is your immune system? Lay hold of God’s word and promises and you and I will not have to worry about what “virus” the devil will  throw at us.  Our faith will be strengthened as we stand on His promises, and this is pleasing to Him.  And when God is pleased, amazing things start to happen

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