Why are Christians hated so much?

 By author, speaker, blogger David Murray

Proverbs Driven Life, AAs we experience an unprecedented level of hatred and hostility towards Christians today, we find ourselves asking continually, “Why do you hate us so much?”

Politicians, judges, journalists, producers, educators, and many others are sympathetic to, and tolerant of, every kind of false religion and every kind of perversity, except when it comes to Christian teaching and values. Then the sharpest knives are out.

And we ask again, “Why do you hate us so much?”

We pay our taxes, we pray for our leaders, we give generously to charities, we volunteer in local schools and community projects, we love and educate our children, we feed the homeless, we send millions of dollars and thousands of people abroad to help needy nations, and make many other positive contributions to society and the world.

LiftedWhat have you done?
So why do you keep lining up against us and lining up with those who do little or nothing for society or the needy? You love the new atheists, the philosophers, authors, and comedians who launch vile diatribes against Christians and their God. Why doesn’t someone somewhere ask these elite men and women, who have devoted their lives to destroying Christianity.   “What have you ever done for the poor? How much money and time do you devote to your neighbours, your community, the poor at home and abroad?”

And yet, it’s us you hate?  Why?

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