Book Review: Zeal without Burnout

zealAuthor: Christopher Ash     Reviewed by Tim Challies

burnout_medium.vhanmshawww4cu77w7ujfzewpzog44goIt is good to be zealous—far better certainly than being complacent. I have often been dismayed at my own lack of zeal for the Lord and the lack of zeal of so many Western Christians. And yet even something as good as zeal can go wrong when it begins to get muddled up with the sinful nature and its many heart idolatries. What can happen, and what so often does happen, is that zeal leads to burnout.

In Christopher Ash’s book on the subject he says, “Burnout is a terrible price to pay for Christian zeal. For some, their circumstances mean there is no other way to live sacrificially for Jesus. But sometimes it can. For many of us there is a different path. One that combines passionate zeal for Jesus with plodding faithfully on year after year.”

Can you have genuine zeal without having it lead to burnout? Is there such a thing as a sustainable, non-complacent zeal? Ash believes there is and he speaks with a voice of experience having twice allowed his zeal to drive him to the very brink of a breakdown. He writes for all zealous followers of Jesus.  While the focus may be on pastoral ministry, his message is for all those who are involved in Christian service whether full-time, part-time, or simply through the normal kinds of service we render to our churches alongside our busy jobs, our parenting, and everything else that fills our days.   Read more…

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