Book Review: The Story of Christmas

Author: Colin D. Jones

Story of Christmas, The (Tales of Truth)From lowly shepherds outside Bethlehem,  to wise  men from the East- join Mary & Joseph, Zechariah,  Elizabeth  and a host  of angels  in  celebrating the Birth  of Christ!  With awe and amazement,   be prepared for an adventure as you consider  the   wonderful  nativity story.  With state-of-the-art stunning visuals that will capture the attention of any reader, this bible story is beautifully written to captivate, engage and challenge children with the word of God.

Colin D Jones has been in the ministry since 1971. He became the pastor of Three Bridges Free Church, Crawley in 1996 after twenty-two years of ministry at Wem Baptist Church, Shropshire. He is the author of  5 books, all published by Day One Publishers. He and his wife, Chris, have four daughters and three grand-children.

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