Book Review: Purity is Possible – How to live free of the fantasy trap

Author: Helen Thorne   Reviewed by Tim Challies

Purity is PossibleNew from author Helen Thorne, this book addresses fantasy, erotica and pornography, and does so from a female perspective. Thorne is transparent (but not vulgar) in describing her own struggles with lust and in sharing how she has gained increased victory over the sin. She writes in a friendly and conversational tone, inviting the readers to join her arm-in-arm as they pursue purity together.

There is a rumour going around that women don’t watch online sex. There’s a school of thought that says that our fantasies are romantic rather than explicit. Some argue that we don’t think as visually as men, so pornography is rarely appealing. A few believe that we are, by nature, more pure and innocent.  I wish the rumors were right. They’re not. Not in my experience, and not in the experience of most women I know.

But there’s another rumor going around… That there is a way out. That, in Jesus, God offers forgiveness and change.

I’m so glad that rumor is true; that it can be the experience of any and everyone.  Eternity is open.  Purity is possible, and Thorne shows from God’s Word just how it is possible.

One strength of Thorne’s work is that she carefully addresses the heart and not merely the outward behavior. When it comes to sexual sin or any other sin that is manifested outwardly, it is so easy to fixate on behavior modification. But she coaches the reader in examining her heart, and learning the deeper sin problem that is causing her to act out lustfully. She deals well with true repentance, pointing out the difference between tears that flow out of shame and tears that flow out of a true desire to repent. “You can’t cry guilt away. You need to give it away.”   Read more…

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