Book Review: Chai Tea and Ginger Beer

By Deborah Kirsten (reviewed by Sylvia Bester)

Chai Tea and Ginger BeerWhen I first read the title I thought:  How quaint!  However this inspiring, honest and sometimes poignant book is far from quaint…

What I enjoyed most about the book were the quotations ( duly acknowledged and in italics) interspersed throughout the chapters. The author blends all the spices  and flavours of life, different characters, exotic destinations into a charming and challenging story.  The book is beautifully illustrated with Debbie’s mother’s ink drawings and many photographs.

Throughout this engaging and “hard to put down” biographical work Debbie reminds us that our story is actually His (God’s) story

“ I am but the pen in God’s hand- He is the Author of my story” Mother Theresa

As we delve into the pages we quickly realise her wisdom, honesty  and strong spiritual commitment that have guided her and her family through the many challenges of life as the wife of a famous sports star. Debbie takes us on an amazing journey, filled with joy, disappointment, sadness, loss and grief all woven with the thread of her firm faith in the Author of their story.

From her childhood adventures  as a small town girl, daughter of a missionary father and teacher mother to wife of an international cricketer, mother of three and accomplished journalist and motivational speaker, Debbie keeps us enthralled.

This book is definitely a page turner, encouraging yet challenging, heart-warming yet heart-rending, insightful and thought provoking, funny yet heart-wrenching. It’s about ordinary people who realise and acknowledge the Author and Finisher of their faith.

“You can’t write a story together if you’re not on the same page”  Anonymous

Another must read and “proudly South African” product.

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