Four Questions to ask your money

By Tim Challies

Family_money_mattersThere are some subjects in the Christian world we probably talk about too much and some we may talk about too little. Over time, I think we swing back and forth, often overcorrecting. In my experience money has been one of those subjects we sometimes over-emphasize and at other times almost forget altogether.

I have benefited tremendously from frank, Bible-based discussions on how Christians are to use their money. I have modeled my use of money after people who spoke to me, or who wrote candidly, about their own use of money. As far as I can discern Beyond Greedthey did not do this in order to boast, but in order to lead and disciple. Their practical counsel has shaped my understanding of the right use of money at least as much as any sermons I’ve heard.

Someone once drew my attention to four questions to ask when I am about to make a purchase—any purchase. Looking back, I can see how much better I am at managing money when I keep questions like these in mind (which, I believe, were first posed by John Wesley).

  • Make your church's money workIn spending this money, am I acting as if I own it, or am I acting as the Lord’s trustee? 
  • What Scripture passage requires me to spend this money in this way? 
  • Can I offer up this purchase as a sacrifice to the Lord? 
  • Will God reward me for this expenditure at the resurrection of the just? 

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