By Trevor Bradley

Some people use Red Bull, others coffee and still others stimulants for a lift …. albeit temporarily.  I want to use His word… Psalm 91

Anxious for NothingDavid must have been facing some horrific things when he wrote this psalm.  He talks of “terror by night”, “arrows by day”, “pestilence that stalks” and “destruction that lays waste”.  Notwithstanding, this is what David says he was privileged to learn, and I trust that this word carries you through 2015 and becomes part of your life:

  • GOD IS AND WILL BE YOUR REFUGE from and in the storms of life.  We can run to Him and find a safety house;
  • MY FORTRESS:  When the battles rage, God will fight for us while we look on.  He will gain our victory (in fact he already has at the cross).
  • HE WILL DELIVER:  He is Jehovah Sabaoth who delivers us in and out of our troubles. God will live up to His name.
  • HE WILL COVER YOU:  God will be your surety and security.  And there is no better comfort to know, than that He has your back.
  • HE WILL BE FAITHFUL to His word and that which He has covenanted to do for you in His word.

North Face of God, TheWhy, you ask, will God bother with me and to do this for me?  Because of who He is… and because you matter and you are precious to Him as we are repeatedly told in scripture.

So may I encourage you to bask in the glory of God’s unimaginable love for you, His inexhaustible grace toward you and His ever available mercy outstretched toward you.

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