An Extraordinary Skill for Ordinary Christians.

By Tim Challies

Have you ever dreamed of being rich?  Have you ever wondered what it would be like to know that money poses no barrier between you and your dreams?  I think we all have at one time or another, haven’t we?  And most of us are convinced that we would use our wealth for good, to serve others rather than ourselves.  We imagine handing over the keys to a new home, or donating the full-ride scholarship to that person who could never afford it.  We dream of using extravagant wealth to do extravagant good.

WHY I AM A CHRISTIANWe attach great significance to great deeds, don’t we?  And we attach little significance to little deeds.  And yet so few of us ever have the chance to do those exceptional things.  But what if we are measuring it all wrong?  John Stott says it so well as he comments on Galatians 6:2: “To love one another as Christ loved us may lead us not to some heroic, spectacular deed of self-sacrifice, but to the much more mundane and unspectacular ministry of burden-bearing.”

I think the reason we dream of helping others through extravagant wealth is that it feels like those extravagant deeds count for more.  So many of our good deeds are so small. They seem paltry.  Instead of handing over the keys to a brand new car, we hand over a slightly over-cooked casserole. Instead of funding an extreme makeover for that person’s home, we show up on Saturday morning to help apply a new coat of paint.  Instead of giving them a check to pay off their mortgage, we give them a few hours of our time to listen and counsel. Instead of funding a wonderful vacation, we take their children for a couple of hours so they can escape for a date.  It is hardly the stuff dreams are made of.

John Stott - Radical DiscipleBut I love what John Piper says: “Here is a vocation that will bring you more satisfaction than if you became a millionaire ten times over: Develop the extraordinary skill for detecting the burdens of others and devote yourself daily to making them lighter.” This is the extraordinary ministry for every ordinary Christian—bearing the burdens of others. What seems so mundane and so unspectacular, is actually bringing great glory and honor to God.  Read more…

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