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During the past week, speaker & author Ligon Duncan spoke at various events & Bible Colleges around the country. CBD had some fantastic prices on his books, and this promotion will be extended until the end January 2015 or while stocks last.

Does Grace grow best in WinterSuffering is not merely to be endured. It comes into our lives for good reasons. Suffering affords seasons for growth in ways we would not grow otherwise.This book prepares believers for hardship when it comes their way. Learning some of the purposes for suffering, how it connects us with our Lord and his people, and what God’s Word says to us in the midst of our pain will enable us to glorify him in the most troubling times.



Fear not.We do not have to live in ignorance about life after death for either believers of unbelievers.  God’s word, the Bible, tells us everything we need to know.  It doesn’t tell us everything we might want to know,but it tells us everything that God wants us to know – which means everything we need to know for our instruction and comfort.  And then God has provided ministers to mine His Word for its truths and teach them to the rest of us.



Perspectives on christian WorshipThis book presents in counterpoint form, five basic views of Christian worship that have developed over the course of Scripture.  A prominent leader within each tradition writes he well-informed chapter, and all contributors in turn respond to each view that is different from their own.

CBD PRICE: R195.00


should we leave our churchesA biblical response to Harold Camping.

Harold Camping, co-founder and president of the Family Radio Newwork has announced a “prophetic novelty” : He believes that the church age has come to an end.  Camping claims that God is no longer blessing local churches and that all Christians should leave their congregations.

What exactly is Camping saying?  How should Christians respond?  This book refutes the claims on this radio presenter and clearly discusses what the Bible says about the church.  Christ has not, nor will he ever, abandon his bride.



Unadjusted Gospel, TheResponding to the perennial temptation to “tame” the message about Jesus, eight prominent church leaders including John Piper, John MacArthur, Al Mohler & RC Sproul, challenge Christians to hold fast to the faith by emphasizing the importance of maintaining a pure and unadulterated view of the gospel in the midst of our pluralistic world.

CBD PRICE: R190.00


Women's Ministry in the Local ChurchSusan Hunt and Ligon Duncan walk through the Scriptures to help readers better understand what it means to have an effective, biblical women’s ministry in the church. The benefits of women’s ministries are great: training and discipling, evangelizing, and reaching out to the poor and needy. This book, written by seasoned ministry leaders, provides many proven tools to help start a women’s ministry in your church.

CBD PRICE: R120.00


The Westminster Confession into the 21st Century, Vol. 2The Westminster Confession into the 21st Century, Vol. 3The Westminster Confession into the 21st Century, Vol. 1The Westminster Confession is a foundational document for countless churches worldwide. Churches of all sizes claim it as their confession, and hold to it with varying degrees of closeness. Its influence must not be underestimated. However, countless officeholders will have vowed to abide by the Westminster Confession with only the most perfunctory of understanding of its relevance to their situation. Ligon Duncan has assembled an impressive array of contributors from a variety of ecclesiastical backgrounds. The aim is simple – to enable the 21st Century to understand the confession more fully, and so bring about the same kind of rugged, vigorous, intelligent and self-sacrificing Christianity that was the result of its initial publication over 350 years ago.

CBD PRICE: R300.00 per volume

SPECIAL PRICE: R220.00 per volume,  or All Three Volumes for R600.00

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