Look at these great new bible studies from James Dobson …..

These studies are a must for any parent and are a very affordable price too. Each kit includes 4 short DVD sessions & a bible study book.

Bringing Up Boys (DVD Kit)Bringing up Boys:  Shaping the next generation of Men

  • How can you connect with your son when you are correcting him?
  • What roles do Mom & Dad play in shaping their son into a man?
  • What does testosterone do, and why is it a priceless gift?

Dr. Dobson offers parents of sons a guidebook through the land of testosterone, offering practical help to invest in your family legacy.

CBD PRICE: R245.00


Bringing Up Girls (DVD Kit)

Bringing up Girls: If only she were as simple as sugar & spice

  • What makes raising girls different from raising boys?
  • How can we combat culture’s negative effects on our daughters

Discover why the three “T’s” – Talk, Touch, and Time – are so important in our relationship with our daughters, and how to have a positive generational impact on them.

CBD PRICE: R245.00


Strong-Willed Child, The (DVD Kit)The Strong-willed Child : Surviving birth through Adolescence

  • How can you shape a child’s will without breaking it?
  • Are you able to recognize the difference between irres-ponsibility & willful disobedience when your child messes up?

This is a practical “how-to” study series on discipline and child-rearing.  It focuses on sibling rivalry, hyperactivity, self-esteem, and the most common errors made by frustrated parents.

CBD PRICE: R245.00


Dare to Discipline (DVD Kit)

Dare to Discipline : Answers to your toughest questions

  • Do you feel like you’re using anger to resolve every disciplinary need?
  • Do you have trouble staying consistent with discipline when you are tired?
  • Is it okay to spank your child, or will it lead him to hit others and become a violent person?

This study guide is designed to help you lead your children through the tough job of growing up and teach you how to meet your children’s needs of love, trust, affection & discipline.

CBD PRICE: R245.00

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