Daily readings for the Advent Season

You know how we all love Advent calendars especially the ones with chocolates……?

There something about the element of surprise when we “open” a window and find a treat.

Shock and AweIn this advent book beginning on the 1st December and going right through to the 6th of January, we find a spiritual treat every day as it reminds us of how Jesus birth was met with wonder, astonishment and even incredulity.

Ian Coffey describes God’s method of granting us His Grace as shock and awe. Shock that a heavenly king was to come to earth as a lowly baby and Awesomeness of the way God delivers on his promises time after time.

We begin with the story of God’s promise and covenant with Abraham in Genesis and end with John’s vision of the new heaven and earth in Revelation.  The book is filled with anecdotes, snippets and quotes from other Christian writers and from the author himself which just add that little bit extra to an already challenging yet comforting book.

There is also a short study guide at the back is helpful and can only serve to encourage either individuals or even a small group.  If this gem is not on your” books to read” list it should be, better still buy an extra copy and “bless” someone with it. It’s far more practical and uplifting than an advent calendar.


HALF PRICE PROMOTION: R60.00 (valid for sales in December only)