Book Review : Does Grace grow best in winter?

By Ligon Duncan

Does Grace grow best in WinterFew things trouble our hearts and minds like suffering. “Why is this happening?  Why me? How can I get through this?  Can I get through this?”  God says we can, but he says more. Suffering is not merely to be endured. It comes into our lives for good reasons. Suffering affords seasons for growth in ways we would not grow otherwise.

This book prepares believers for hardship when it comes their way. Learning some of the purposes for suffering, how it connects us with our Lord and his people, and what God’s Word says to us in the midst of our pain will enable us to glorify him in the most troubling times.  The wealth of Scripture in this readable book, its focus on the passion and sympathy of Jesus, and thoughtful study questions for reflection or group discussion will help to transform not only our outlook on suffering but on our lives.

Regardless of your current circumstances, this book will help you to perceive God’s purpose in suffering, receive God’s grace in trails and draw near to our great High Priest who suffered the unimaginable horrors of the cross for us.

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