Book Review: Living with the Underworld

By Peter Bolt.  Reviewed by Nick Collins

Living with the UnderworldWhat does ‘Underworld’ mean?   Does it refer to the mafia and Tony Soprano, or the world of the dead and Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

As Peter Bolt shows in this frankly frightening book, it can mean both – and the two often behave in similar ways. I say ‘frightening’ because the book uncovers the unseen spiritual world – and you might prefer it remain covered.

How, asks Bolt, do we explain the fascination for the (spiritual) underworld in ‘enlightened’ Western society? He explores all the pagan ideas of the ancient world – underworld spaces such as the world below (where the dead are buried) and the world above (where spirits dwell). And we sit uncomfortably in between, forced to interact on occasions with both. How do we understand charms, curse tablets and the invasion of “our” world by the other world?

 “In some Christian circles, interest in the devil is climbing to almost medieval proportions. .. sadly, this has led to a number of weird practices that are certainly not endorsed by the New Testament and are actually discouraged.”

It is a dark and threatening book. However, the last three chapters cover ‘Neutralizing the underworld’, ‘A New Space in the Universe’ and ‘Living with the Underworld’. It is the victory of Christ and the clear teachings of the New Testament that deal with the lower and upper worlds, and define our lives and practices.

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