Book Review : Beyond Greed

By Brian Rossner
Greed is not the most fashionable concept these days. It ranks with guilt and sin as words Beyond Greedthat many modern people have virtually stopped using.  According to Brian Rosner, greed is also a massive blind spot for Christians, which is surprising given how much the Bible has to say about it.

Sometimes it’s hard to spot the difference, because the ‘air we breathe’ is laced with the love of money and the race for material comforts. But should we be the same?

“The most disturbing thing about the fact that greed is idolatry is that hardly anybody owns up to being a worshipper. Imagine the response of disbelief in the local church if it were revealed that the vast majority of its members were secretly worshipping other gods. Yet if our analysis of the religion of money is right, the unthinkable may not be so far from the truth.”

Beyond Greed helps open our eyes to the problems, and proposes a liberating lifestyle that trades-in greed and materialism for something of far greater worth and satisfaction. Brian steers us with biblical logic and words of encouragement towards a life beyond greed and materialism. You’ll find ideas on living a life of generosity rather than luxury, and contentment rather than comparison.

You’ll learn how Jesus taught us not to be rich in this world, but rather to be rich in the next.

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