Book Review : Tribe of Shadows

Written by David Ferguson & reviewed by Ginny Grimsley

Tribe of ShadowsIn a part of the world as beautiful as it is brutal, the fate of two brothers and a nation are at the mercy of a ruthless military general in author David Fergusson’s tale of modern Africa and its struggle for freedom and self-determination in the new novel Tribe of Shadows – The Hunted”

William Hunt is a renowned journalist living in London when his brother, Ross, who runs a photographic camp on the edge of an African game reserve, sends a desperate message: He is running for his life from a feared and powerful military leader who commands a legion of merciless guerillas. Loosely based on actual events and the real-life experiences of people who have endured civil wars and ethnic clashes, the novel explores the breathtaking violence and spiritual redemption of a struggling region of the world.

For David Fergusson, a native South African who grew up Zimbabwe in its troubled transitional years, the story is personal.

“African nations are among the most beautiful, but most troubled in the world and I wanted to capture the essence of that struggle and do so in a way that allows readers all over the world to relate to the plight of the people who live there,” says Fergusson,  who now makes his home in Zambia.

“Tribe of Shadows delves deeply into the darkness of the lost soul, and the compassion and patience needed to draw it out of the shadows to a place of peace.”

Blessed with some of the world’s most fantastic natural beauty, incredible wildlife and riches in natural resources, sub-Saharan Africa remains a region struggling to join a modernizing world.

Fergusson’s work seeks to explore that difficult transition, following the two brothers, their friends and their family members as they are pursued by mercenaries intent on burying a secret. Their story culminates in a dramatic ending that reflects strong messages of resiliency and faith.

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