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How suffering sets you free ………

Glorious Ruin (Workbook)In this world, one thing is certain: Everybody hurts. Suffering may take the form of tragedy, heartbreak, or addiction. Or it could be something more mundane (but no less real) like resentment, loneliness, or disappointment. But there’s unfortunately no such thing as a painless life. In Glorious Ruin, best-selling author Tullian Tchividjian takes an honest and refreshing look at the reality of suffering, the ways we tie ourselves in knots trying to deal with it, and the comfort of the gospel for those who can’t seem to fix themselves or others. 

This is not so much a study about Why God allows suffering or even How we should approach suffering – it is a study about the tremendously liberating and gloriously counter intuitive truth of a God who suffers with you and for you. It is a study, in other words, about the kind of hope that takes the shape of a cross.

Workbook – R115.00

DVD – R435.00 (6 sessions)



Stronger (Workbook)Finding Hope in Fragile Places …..

Stronger: Finding Hope in Fragile Places – by Angela Thomas provides six weeks of personal study experience five days a week plus viewer guides for the 7 video sessions of this women’s Bible study. Through biblical teaching and real life application, this study teaches that believers do not have to live in weakness. God is stronger than every struggle you will ever face. All who receive Jesus Christ have been hidden in Him. We have been made alive in Him through the forgiveness of our sin, filled in Him with all the fullness given to Him, brought near to God in Him, and blessed with every spiritual blessing in Him.

Workbook – R115.00

DVD – R325.00 (7 sessions)



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