Book Review: Return to Me

Author: Lynn Austin

Book Reviewed by Candice Fourie: Staff member at CBD Rosebank Store

I can credit Lynn Austin with getting me into what’s called “biblical fiction.” She’s one of the most popular writers in this genre and since I picked up her Return to Mefirst book, Gods and Kings, I’ve been a really big fan of her writing.  Lynn Austin takes actual biblical events and creates a storyline and develops characters around the historical text and happenings. The Chronicles of the Kings series was her first novel series and in each book, she lists the text in the bible where she draws her inspiration from. You can check her as you’re going. For me, reading into a story written around an actual event in the Bible, opened up the text so much more for me. 

In her latest book, Return To Me, Lynn Austin starts off her new series called The Restoration Chronicles. The first book centers around the Jews who had been cast out of Jerusalem and exiled to Babylon. A new Persian king is brought into power and he decrees that they can return to Jerusalem and rebuild the temple. The two main characters are both serving in the priesthood ~ Iddo, married to Dinah and a survivor of the exile from Jerusalem and Zachariah, his grandson who by the end of the book is revealed as the Hebrew prophet who wrote the book of the same name in our Bible today.

You will follow their struggle and sacrifice as they leave Babylon after 70 years in exile, their trials and victories as, in obedience to God, they start the process of rebuilding the temple and their joy and elation as the temple is completed. All within Iddo’s lifetime, with him be able to see his grandson continue his legacy of serving God’s people in the temple and bringing them God’s word for His people. 

Let the books of Ezra and Nehemiah come alive to you with this compelling book. I would recommend it in a heartbeat – can’t wait for book 2.

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