Book Review: All Is Grace

Author: Brennan Manning

All is Grace (Manning)This book was reviewed by Trevor Bradley : Rosebank Union Church, Sandton

Here is an invite to come into the closet and peek at the unfolding love story between creator and the created. The intimacy between the loved and the heart of the one who created the very act of love.   

The living out and unpacking of the most wonderful word in the English language – GRACE.

CS Lewis  was asked by one of his students,upon passing a table of debate at the university where he was a professor, what made Christianity different from all other religions? His immediate retort was GRACE..

Brennan was a recipient of it. Lived in the embrace of it. Abandoned himself to it for he knew in measure the scope of it ~ fail and feeble prodigal that he was and like we all are. We can never plunge it’s depths nor comprehend it’s enormity or begin to understand it’s scope. But we can fall down at the feet of the one who as the hymn writer says “were the whole realms of nature mine. This will be an offering far to small. Love so amazing so divine. Demands my life, my soul, my all.” We can worship HIM for his grace.

This is the story of Brennan Manning. A life lived in thanks to our Father for HIS amazing, awesome grace.

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