Book Review: Seekers of the Lost Boy

By local Author Taryn Hayes

Seekers of the lost BoyThis is the story set in a post-apartheid South Africa, writing about life during the apartheid era… We are transported along by a homeschooling family who are searching for the answers to a question they found in a Message in a Bottle that was thrown into the sea thirty years before.

When 12 year old Simon spots a mysterious object on the beach one cold winter’s morning, he never imagines that it will change his life.  Together with Nic and Kim, his 10 year old twin siblings, Simon decides to track down the origin of the object.  What they discover reveals a family secret, a history they never understood, and the answer to a question they never asked:

Who is God and does he care about me?

For a great review on this book by Se7en as well as an interview of the author, follow this link:

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