Book Review: Out of the Black Shadows

Author: Stephen Lungu

OUt of the Black ShadowsOut of the Black Shadows is the story of Stephen Lungu who was transformed from a street child, suffering in abject poverty in a township in Zimbabwe, and really how an intentional criminal act against a christian meeting became a turning point for him and began his life transformation to the life of a missionary, speaking to people all over the world and working for Africa Enterprise International.

This book is astonishing, firstly in the way that you just can not believe that someone’s life can be changed from literally groveling in the garbage for the next meal to a world renowned missionary. In this day and age, we like to think we are past the age of miracles, but the captivating story this book has to tell will get you to re-adjust that idea!!!

From a Street Kid (Lungu)Read more about this amazing man and his story in a review by Se7en

Also available is the teen version of this story called “From a Street Kid”, a riveting read for any child in your family.

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From a Street Kid: R90.00


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