Book Review : Compared to Her

How to experience true contentment : Sophie de Witt

Reviewed by : Nici Sims

This book is brilliant. It may be a small, short read, but there is nothing tiny about its message which cuts to the heart, speaking clearly and honestly about something ALL women struggle with – comparisons.Compared to Her

It is tempting to tell you everything and how deeply I was personally challenged, but I want you to read the book – so here is a brief morsel to whet your appetite!

Sophie begins by describing what “CCS” is – Compulsive Comparison Syndrome and how all women at guilty of either looking DOWN on someone else (I’m so glad I’m not like her… or do that…) or looking UP at someone (Oh how I wish I was like her… or had that…) or both! Different situations either make us feel superior, proud and somewhat better than other (read arrogant), or we complain and feel jealous, anxious, ungrateful – both looking down and looking up make us feel discontent , unable to rejoice with others. dissatisfied and bitter about whatever we have (or think we don’t have).

It is not wrong to long for security, significance and satisfaction – that is how God created us to be – but the problem is that we have reversed everything and put ourselves, instead of God in His rightful place, at the centre of our lives.

The only treatment and cure for CCS is the cross – Sophie brings us back to the Gospel, where we alone can find true contentment and freedom and joy that lasts, not only this life, but all the way into eternity.

You could read Compared to her in one sitting, or take your time, perhaps reading a chapter a day with your morning devotion or during a free thirty minutes outside in the sun during the afternoon before you have to make dinner – but DO read it – I highly, highly recommend it!

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