Book Review : One in a Thousand

The Calling and work of a Pastor : by Erroll Hulse

One in a ThousandReviewed by David Murray

Erroll Hulse presents a clear Biblical model of what a pastor is – the qualities of the pastor are determined and a distinction made between pastor and elders. He shows, from the time of the Reformation to the present day, how that Biblical model is brought to life. This is a book that pastors and elders should read – but it also gives guidance and help to any church member, as eight biographical sketches are used; the first two from the Bible and the others from church history.

A God-sent preacher is ‘one among a thousand’. Such men are sorely needed today. They are men who build up God’s Church by solid biblical preaching, by godly pastoral affection and by constant prayerfulness.

Author & Pastor David Murray writes a well considered critique of this book and comes to the conclusion that it is well worth the read.

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