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“The Gospel Project”

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When is the last time you or someone in your church said, “it’s been one of those days?”

Or maybe you are battling with how to communicate with your son or daughter the beauty of the Cross in the midst of everyday mundane life? Maybe you are a youth worker wanting to share these same great truths with your church group?Gospel Project

One of the themes in my life recently is the fact that the Gospel not only has saved me, but it sustains me in those “one of those days” days! And the prayer for my four boys is the same – that the Good News of the Gospel sustains them through new experiences – studying in a foreign town and continent; entering the pressures of matric year while at the same time looking for that “perfect” university to attend; and working through what is means to be a young man in a blended family.

So often we think of a “Gospel Project” as a short-term missions trip or an outreach activity in a local community. But the reality is that each one of us are first and foremost a “Gospel Project” in which God is encouraging us that the beauty of the Cross is sufficient enough for us to thrive and not just survive in those difficult and challenging days, weeks, months, years or even decades in some circumstances. If you have ever been on a short-term missions trip, you have probably experienced that the trip often changes the one going to a foreign land just as much as the people being ministered to in that foreign land.Gospel Project for Adults

In other words, revival always starts in the heart of each individual. Be encouraged! God’s great plan of redemption is sufficient for not only salvation but also for sanctification. At the end of each and every “one of those days,” we can agree with the apostle Paul that God’s grace has been sufficient.

Be willing to be one of God’s “Gospel Projects.” It may be painful at times, but there is purpose in our pain. Be willing to let God teach you what that purpose is in your life – it will glorify God and be of ultimate benefit in your walk with the Author of your “Gospel Project.”

If you are interested in learning more on how to be a “Gospel Project” or sharing these truths in your ministry, CBD offer a Gospel Project Resource that is available on order for pre-schoolers, kids, youth, and adults.  Please contact us for more information or click here for details of the Gospel Project

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