Healthy, Healthy, Healthy?

Welcome to CBD’s first devotional blog! We hope you will be encouraged by this to grow in your love for the LORD.

 A well Church ……

So are you healthy? What is your blood pressure? Are you exercising enough? Have you seen the doctor for a check up lately? But just importantly, I want to ask, what is the health of your local church? Are you helping to lead a healthy church?

What exactly is a healthy church you may ask? One of my favourite passages on the Church is found in Acts 2: 42-47 as Luke writes about what a healthy or “well” church looked like:Church Essentials

W – They were a worshipful church. As a group, they praised and were awe in the awesomeness of God, enjoyed the company of others, broke bread, and fellowshipped!

E– They were an evangelizing church, as a work of God saw people being saved daily!

L– They were a loving church as they gave to others sacrificially!

L – They were a learning church being devoted to the teaching of the apostles!

How are you doing health wise spiritually?

1- What is the climate of your worship? And that of your church?

2- With whom are you sharing the Gospel? Are people being saved daily in your church?

3- Who is God asking you to love sacrificially?

4- Are you part of a church that challenges and encourages you from the Word of God?

If this topic interests you, Mark Dever with 9 Marks has written a great resource from Lifeway Books called Church Essentials. This combination DVD and workbook is great for church groups. The purpose of the book is to:

“Identify key characteristics of church health and helps every church member, from the Pastor to the pew sitter, come to a greater understanding of why they are so important.”BTS ActsNIV Life Application Study Bible HC

Get healthy! Stay healthy! Consider purchasing this Dever resource.

Other resources to consider:

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