Coffee with Sylvia : The Busy Christian’s Guide to Busyness by Tim Chester

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Sylvia Bester has been part of the CBD family since August 2009 after retiring from her career in banking.  She has always loved books (the smell and feel of them). Sylvia is a Social Media junkie, passionate about people and how she can make a difference in their lives by encouraging them to read good books. 

How “busy” are we?

What do we understand by busyness?

Does it mean that we rush around aimlessly accomplishing very little but feeling drained in the process or is our busyness ordered and exact?The Busy Christian's Guide to Busyness

Do we need to prove ourselves somehow by keeping busy, because if we are not we somehow feel that we have failed someone or something? Do we say yes when we should be saying no. Our slavery to busyness arises from serious misunderstanding reinforced by our culture.

Tim reminds us that even though it is important to manage our time it is of vital importance that we manage our hearts.  “We must set our hearts on things above” Col 3vs1

So what is the answer to busyness? The psalmist reminds us that it is simply to wait upon the Lord.

We are urged to think about how we can serve God when are lives are so busy. We struggle to find “time” for God when actually all our time can be for Him.

“Ordinary life is the theatre of God’s glory” Page 61

Our whole life can be lived as an offering to Him if we spend our waking hours glorifying God.

Those of us who complain about our busyness are not finding joy in God, if we rejoice in God as our Saviour and Provider we will not find our busyness a burden.

“Father God, you’ve been with me all day. Have I spent my time well today?”Page 170

Thanks to Tim for taking time out of his “busy” life to remind us where our priorities lie.

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