Zechariah (Good Book Guide)


By: Unknown



ISBN: 9781904889267

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God’s big plan for struggling Christians

Christians struggle. We struggle with ridicule and being ignored in a ‘day of small things’; with opposition to the message that Jesus is the only way to God; with our own failures and the devil’s accusations that make us question whether God accepts us. False teachers, false religion, and false priorities plague and distract us.

In Zechariah’s day, Israel had returned from exile, but home was certainly not the only thing they had hoped for. Zechariah’s task was to bring comforting words to the struggling people of God.

These six Bible studies open up Zechariah’s reassuring and revitalizing message for God’s discouraged people-God’s great international building project; his solution to sin; his promised shepherd-king; his great day of judgment and salvation. Constantly focusing on what these things mean practically for Christians today, this course aims to help Christians live a life shaped not by ‘these days’, but by ‘that day’ when God’s plan comes to glorious fruition.

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