Your Sneaking Suspicions? (Teacher’s Man


By: Smart, Simon

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ISBN: 9781920935467

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This teacher’s manual is part of a package that includes John Dickson’s A Sneaking Suspicion, and the Student Handbook (”Your sneaking suspicions”). The teacher’s manual is an essential part of the package, enhancing the interaction between students and the central ideas presented in Dickson’s book.

Teachers will gain assistance from… » Introductory activities » Bible links » Multimedia ideas » Song lyrics » Suggestions for further reading » Poems » Newspaper and magazine extracts » Real life scenarios for student critique » Group work suggestions » Tips for getting the most out of Dickson’s book » Black line masters for photocopying to assist in ease of lesson preparation

A Sneaking Suspicion is a book about things that matter–things like life, death, sex, suffering, meaning and God.

This teacher’s manual, and the accompanying Student Handbook, provide the opportunity for students to wrestle with their own suspicions, to respond to the author’s ideas, and to consider the person of Jesus and the relevance he has for their own lives.