Your Legacy (DVD Kit)


By: Dobson, James

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ISBN: 634337410623

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Making a Lasting Impact on Your Circles of Influence

Your Legacy (DVD Kit) by Dr. James Dobson helps leaders facilitate this Bible study experience on leaving a spiritual legacy and contains all that is needed to conduct the four sessions of small group time.

You’ll leave a spiritual legacy, but what kind will it be?  As Dr. Dobson shares what his ancestors passed down in their family – trust in Jesus Christ and living for God – this thought-provoking Bible study will guide you through evaluating the type of spiritual legacy you are leaving to your children and grandchildren.

Kit Includes:

  • Member Book
  • One DVD with clips from Dr. James Dobson and Ryan Dobson teaching


  • 5-7-minute video teaching clip per session from Dr. James Dobson and Ryan Dobson
  • Biblically rooted content
  • Leader material guides to questions and discussion with small group
  • Personal reflection and study segments to use in between group sessions
  • 4-session Member Book with group and personal component; optional 5th session