By: D'Souza, Danielle


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ISBN: 9780830766994

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An Intelligent Discussion on the Relevance Of Faith

In Y God, Danielle D’Souza addresses 32 of the most interesting and pressing questions being asked about God by believers and skeptics alike.  Rather than coming across as having all the answers, Danielle puts her ideas in the form of a conversation.  Yet at her core she has convictions that come from a faith rooted in her heart as well as her head.  Y God will appeal to millennials (the Y generation) and anyone who has ever had doubts about the biblical story of God.

Some of the questions include:

  • Is faith reasonable?
  • Are miracles really possible?
  • Is the Bible literally true?
  • Is God the author of morality?
  • Are other religions false?
  • Is America a “Christian nation”?
  • Does anyone deserve hell?
  • Why do people become atheists?
  • Is science at war with religion?
  • Is evolution compatible with the Bible?
  • If Jesus did exist, who was he?
  • How would Christianity change my life?